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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
gamerdad I pressed onward. Crossed the swamp. Fought the beast. Entered the mines. And I saved my game on the doorstep of chapter 3.

Even in the orginal incarnation of this game, the crossing of the swamp on the back of a chocobo was a kind of barrier. Sure, you had fought some hard-won battles in the introduction of the story and even that has been true in this remake. In fact, I gave up on one of the sidequests because I just couldnt seem to make any progress without getting obliterated early in the fight. I’m not sure if I need more levels or simply a different strategy, but as I left this particular zone having explored every corner and fought every beast a dozen times and unearthed every treasure, I was even then reluctant that my skills could have used just a little more polishing before facing off against the legendary Midgarstormr guarding the swamp. It was a tough fight. I mean, I’m not playing on crazy hard or anything, just having set my difficulty level to normal right from the start. I am a middle aged dad after all. But I used up most of my magic doing urgent heals and pounded away on the beast with the best of my spells and skills and even a couple synergy moves (which I’m just starting to figure out!) And at the end it was a combination of some luck and Saturday morning patience that pushed me onward and into chapter 3. The barrier, the swamp, has been crossed.

Saturday the 8th of June, 2024, in the morning.
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