..works best on small screens!
Northern Exposure
gamerdad About a year ago the digital version of this 1990s drama-comedy came out on Apple iTunes, but I’ve been reluctant to purchase it at full price not quite sure of if I want to sit down and watch all 110 episodes of this quirky series I remember enjoying as a teenager. Luckily I located a copy at the local library, though only the first season and (due to my forgetting that it finally came up on my reservation list and there are a half dozen people behind me waiting for it so I can’t renew it) I only have a couple days to watch the first 8 episodes that was the first season before I need to return it. I sat down this evening and check off episode one, the pilot, and yeah… I can see myself making the effort. For a few more eps at least.

Thursday the 20th of June, 2024, posted at bedtime.
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